Shakthi Power Systems

Shakthi Power Systems

Shakthi Power Systems is engaged in manufacturing and supplying of Online & Offline UPS, Servo Stabilizers for more than two decades. We engaged in trading and supplying of wide range of UPS Systems (Online & Offline), Power Inverters, Power Batteries, Solar UPS and many more.

Our product range includes Line Interactive UPS, Online UPS, Three Phase Air Cooled UPS, Three Phase Oil Cooled Servo Stabilizers, Single Phase Oil Cooled Stabilizers, Inverters, Sine Wave Inverters, Tubular Batteries and many more.

We procure our range from reliable vendors in the industry as V-Guard, Microtek, Exide, Su-Kam and few others. We are a quality focused organization which enables us to offer a range of products & service that are in compliance with the industry standards.



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A digital UPS is nothing but the combination of a UPS and an Inverter. In a normal inverter, you can only connect your electrical loads like lights, fans etc. If you try to connect your computer to an inverter during power failure, the computer may get rebooted and there is no voltage protection in that case. But in case of a Home UPS/DUPS, you have two provisions

  • Normal mode
  • UPS mode

By selecting the UPS mode, you will get an extremely safe change over with a safe range of voltage protection and your computer will not even blink. So, you can run your computer safely along with your other lighting loads.

The Digital UPS batteries are supposed to withstand deep discharge cycles during its usage. So we recommend using Tubular batteries with Home UPS. You can choose from our wide range of capacities with optimum quality.

The on-line UPS provides the highest quality of power protection by incorporating a double-conversion technique, whereby power coming in to the UPS is converted from AC to DC. Power is then conditioned and converted back to AC at the output of the UPS. There is no transfer or switching time since power actually runs through the battery system. By isolating the input from the output, on-line UPS provide true sine-wave power to connected equipment that is clean and free of any power anomalies.

The wattage and VA (volt amp) ratings on a UPS indicate the amount of devices you can safely plug into the unit. They are different ways of measuring the amount of power a device takes. For some appliances, the VA rating and the wattage ratings will be the same (such as an incandescent bulb), however for most computer equipment, the maximum wattage will be less than the VA rating. Each UPS has a VA/wattage rating which is displayed on their listing page.

The charging current is the prime factor affects the life of a battery. After a long discharge, the battery should be charged fully with proper voltage and current for a healthy and long life. For proper charging of the batteries, the recommended charging current must be a maximum of 10% of the AH of the battery. Digital UPS provides you with an intelligent charging circuit which senses the battery condition and pumps the required amount of current to keep the battery healthy. It gives an optional range of 8 - 16 A so that it can be connected to a wide range of batteries without any problem.

The Digital UPS batteries are supposed to withstand deep discharge cycles during its usage. So we recommend using Tubular batteries with Home UPS. You can choose from our wide range of capacities with optimum quality.

Our solar power systems utilize two types of panels, 100W panel and 250W panel. 250W panels confines area of 18.00 sq. feet and the 100W panel confines 9.00 Sq. feet. DU 850 Synergy Standard model comes with three 100W panels, DU 850 Synergy model with five 100W panels, DU 1500Synergy model with four 250W panels or ten 100W panels.

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technique is used in our models. The MPPT circuits monitor the solar panel current and voltage to get the maximum amount of power that can be delivered from the PV array. MPPT controllers are more expensive, but the extra energy harvest is usually worth it.


Service & Spares

Shakthi Power Systems offers wide range of UPS related services such us Repair Service, Preventive Maintenance, Breakdown Maintenance & Exchange of Old UPS of any make. Our service team is well trained to handle customer requirements.

We undertake replacement, repair & Maintenance services of:
  • Online UPS AMC Services
  • Offine UPS AMC Services
  • Home UPS & Inverters Periodical Maintenance
  • UPS Battery AMC Services
  • Solar Panel AMC Services

Shakthi Power Systems offers UPS realted Geninune Quality spares & accessories.



  • Thin Film Solar Panel
  • Poly Film Solar Panel
  • Mono Crystal Solar Panel
  • 100 watts Panel
  • 250 watts Panel
  • Quanta Batteries


  • Tubular Battery Trolly
  • Tubular Battery Stand
  • Solar Panel Stand

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